A large untapped market now exists for a safe and reliable retirement savings and endowment creation planning program for highly productive doctors, lawyers, business owners, business executives, and affluent individuals. Newly developed life insurance industry financial instruments currently provide consistent high returns and predictable, tax advantaged retirement distributions.

ECS Insurance Company (ECS Ins Co) integrates a life and health insurance company with a unique, research-based economic education and planning system. ECS Ins Co underwrites a unique, tax-advantaged, proprietary cash value disability income insurance product.

ECS Ins Co manages the New Economic Planning Program (NEOPP) distribution channel through its ECS Planning operating division. Specially trained NEOPP Financial/Endowment Counselors deliver unique economic education programs and implement personalized financial plan recommendations to productive millennials and genXer’s, to highly productive individuals and to affluent individuals.  These personalized plans recommend special-design catastrophic loss and asset protection plans, guaranteed-outcome qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, and guaranteed outcome retirement savings accumulation products to members of two captive associations, the Doctors Economic Research Association, (for doctors), and the New Economic Order Planning Association, (for non-doctors).

ECS Planning also manages the marketing of the NEOPP and its economic education programs, products, and services to members of state medical and dental associations and national medical and dental specialty organizations that endorse the NEOPP.

The NEOPP provides productive individuals access to new, guaranteed outcome, leveraged, non-qualified retirement plans that accelerate their progress to financial independence and create endowment funding for family members and for 501 (c) (3) non-profit organizations.  The NEOPP also provides productive individuals access to guaranteed outcome, tax-advantaged qualified retirement plans that are funded with guaranteed principal, guaranteed growth, special-design, whole life insurance and fixed, indexed annuities.

ECS Insurance Company’s New Economic Order Planning Program (NEOPP) distribution channel delivers services and products to productive savers, millennials, and genXer’s, and to highly productive doctors, business owners and executives, and affluent individuals.

A proven, brain function management system, the Agent of Progress Communication, Marketing, and Sales System (AOP System) facilitates economic education for prospects and planning for clients. The AOP System also facilitates the recruitment, training, and management of the ECS Ins Co distribution channel of NEOPP Financial/Endowment Counselors.

A fintech application generates prospects and facilitates client acquisition and product sales through personalized capital accumulation, capital distribution, and endowment creation.